We have curated collections of rugs, grouped by rug type. 
Our collections are a great way to bring a consistent, unified theme to your entire home or office.

OUSHAK Collection

Originating from the 15th century, Oushaks were originally used to decorate the Ottoman palaces. They are made from the finest quality of wool and colored by all natural dyes. The rugs in our Oushak Collection include antique Oushaks which range from 60 to 100 years old.  In addition, we commission our own Oushak collection in Oushak, Turkey.  Each piece has been hand made in the same way for more than two thousand years: with handspun wool, all natural dies, all hand knotted.  Each Oushak rug in our inventory is one-of-a-kind.

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PERSIAN Collection 

Our Persian collection is actually composed of unduplicatable Persian rugs because Persian rugs, for most part, Persian rugs are no longer made.  Our Persian rugs came from all the rug making areas of Iran.  The rugs in our collection range between 50-60 years old, to semi-antique rugs that range between 80-90  years old to antique pieces which range between 90-100  years old. Persian rug styles include tribal designs, geometric designs and exceptionally excellent quality traditionally detailed formal design rugs.

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PALACE Collection

The Palace Collection is a recent acquisition. It is a collection of Turkish rugs range from southern Anatolian tribal pieces to fine-quality, formal traditional designs from Kayseri and to extremely fine traditional Hereke rugs.

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ANATOLIAN Collection

Our Anatolian Collection includes rugs from southern Anatolila Turkey, which encompasses Konya, Tashpinar, Milax, Yahyali, Oushak, and Karapinar.  The Anatolian Collection includes rugs made by families in their homes as a hand craft passed down through generations, almost always made the by women of the families, faithfully following a tradition that is hundreds of years old.  Sizes range from 4-5 wide x 8-13 long, there are remarkably interesting, wide runner sizes or "gallery" rugs.

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